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The Chicago Painters Union has always focused on the quality of the work we provide, the training of our workforce and the wellbeing of our members and their families. We believe the time, the quality and hard work put into our industry should provide a fair and competitive wage, comprehensive healthcare and a respectable retirement for our members and those they provide for.

The DC 14 Apprenticeship program is responsible for training the industry’s most highly-skilled and safety-focused finishing contractors for the Chicago area. Their three-year apprenticeship program hones its men and women through:



  • (1) day a week

  • (960) hours of classroom training

  • Practical application

  • Hands-on expierence

  • Book/computer work


  • (4) days a week

  • Your Contractor/company's specific training

  • On-the-job mentoring from veteran Journeypersons


We're always looking to add dynamic men and women to our trades... you could be one of them!!

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