Admissions Requirements

In order to schedule an appointment to have your application and documents reviewed in person at the DC14 Apprenticeship Program you must be able to check ALL of the requirements below. Our program is governed by the U.S. Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship and thus must follow all legal guidelines. Substitutions and/or deviations from these requirements will NOT be allowed.

I am at least 18 years old *
I will pass the REQUIRED Drug Test *
Copies are NOT ACCEPTED for the following items:
I have my official High School Diploma *
I have my official Birth Certificate or Alien Registration Card *
I have my official Social Security Card *
I have my official Driver's License or State ID *

Below are some helpful links to online resources where you can obtain replacement documents. These links are only provided as an optional resource. The vendors are nor affiliated in any way with DC14 Apprenticeship Program or any of its affiliates.



What are the average work hours for a Painter or Drywall Finisher?

The average work hours for a Painter are...

The average work hours for a Drywall Finsher are...

What does my $25.00 Money Order cover?

The $25 money order is only applicable for those interested in the Painting Apprenticeship. The $25.00 money order covers the application fee.

Where do I get a GED?

Follow the link to get more information on obtaning your GED in the State of Illinois; Get More Information.